Connect My VPN

Your VPN is a virtual private network that adds a level of security and privacy when you are working online from home. Once you install the software, turn on and configure your VPN, it will encrypt data that you send and receive. All of your data travels through the VPN server, basically setting up a secure tunnel, using a variety of encryptions and protocols.

Setting up your employer's VPN

Use your Frontier Internet service to connect to your VPN through your VPN software.

  • Your company's IT department should be able to provide you the necessary software.
  • Follow your company's instructions to download the software and connect. These instructions should include all the necessary information to ensure you are connecting to the proper server.
  • Connect to the VPN when your first log on each day to be sure your data is encrypted.
Choosing your own VPN software

If your company does not provide you with a VPN, and you want one for your own personal purposes, do your research online or with your colleagues. You want positive reviews on the following:

  • Download speeds
  • Privacy and security features
  • Ease of use
  • Available support and troubleshooting
  • Cost
How to install your own VPN software
  • Download the software program
  • Make sure the device you wish to connect via VPN is compatible. Check their website
  • Follow the VPN instructions to download and connect
Troubleshooting your VPN

If you are having trouble connecting to your VPN

  • For help with your VPN, please contact the manufacturer or your company's IT department

If you are experiencing slow speeds, try the following:

  • Reboot your computer
  • Restart your modem/router
  • Check your in-home network and limit activities like video streaming and online gaming, which use a lot of bandwidth, when connected to a VPN
  • Use a wired connection rather than wi-fi connection
  • Check for and install any software updates
  • If none of these are helping your speed, and you think you might have an issue with your Frontier service contact us. Otherwise contact your company's or VPN software manufacturer's IT Help Desk

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