Frontier High-Speed Internet service is subject to availability and technical line qualification. Installation options vary and charges may apply. In order to utilize Frontier High-Speed Internet service, you must have:

  • A Frontier telephone line that is qualified for Frontier High-Speed Internet service
  • Browser software such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome
  • A computer meeting one of the following minimum requirements:
    Macintosh Computer with Mac OS X or higher, or
    Windows Computer with one of the following:
    Windows XP

    32 or 64-bit, Home, Pro, or Media Center Edition
    256 MB RAM
    300 MHz Pentium compatible CPU
    Windows Vista

    32 or 64-bit, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate
    512 MB RAM
    800 MHz Pentium compatible CPU
    Windows 7

    32 or 64-bit, Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate
    1 GB RAM
    1 GHz Pentium compatible CPU
    Windows 8

    32 or 64-bit
    1 GB RAM
    1 GHz Pentium compatible CPU

Frontier High-Speed Internet, also called  DSL, uses your phone line to deliver broadband Internet access to your home or business. Even though it uses your phone line, you can still use your telephone for voice phone calls at the same time. Plus, your normal telephone service will operate even if your Internet router is unplugged or otherwise disabled.

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