"FiOS Wireless Network" Transcript

FiOS Wireless Network

Setting up a wireless network at home with FiOS is simple.

A wireless network provides the devices in your home including computers, tablets, smartphones, and TVs with a reliable, convenient, connection to the Internet.

To begin setting up your wireless connection locate the label on your FiOS router with your ESSID (that's your router name) and your WPA2 (your network password). Make a note of this information. You can also find this information on your FiOS TV.

Press Menu on your remote. Scroll to Customer Support, Internet, My Wireless Network, then to Wi-Fi Credentials and press OK. Your ESSID and WPA2 will be showing in green.

To set up a wireless connection on your laptop, table, or smartphone, look for your ESSID in the list of wireless networks.

Click Connect. When you're asked for a password or network key, enter the WPA2 exactly as it appears on your router label or FiOS TV. Click Connect. Now your network is up and running.

For more information on wireless networks visit frontier.com/fioshelp.

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