Other Services

Build My Own Web Site

As a Frontier High-Speed Internet customer, you get the added benefit of having your own web site hosted by Frontier. Once you've created a plan for what you want your site to be about, this information can help you get started building it—either by typing the HTML code yourself or using a [...]

Upload My Web Site

By now you should have coded your web site and saved it in Notepad (or any simple text editor), or created it in a WYSIWYG program. Regardless of the program you used to produce your site, it's time to upload all of the elements—pages, images, downloadable files—so it may be viewed [...]

Chat, Read News and More

There's more to your Internet connection than email and web browsing. Here are two other services that may interest you, and a couple of things you need to know. To use any type of chat or instant messaging: Your personal computer should be Pentium-class and have Windows XP or above, or [...]

Get Better Search Results

Here are a few handy tips to getting the most out of any  search engine: Avoid using common words such as "it" and "how" in your search. These words appear in so many places that they normally don't improve your search results. Narrow your search by typing a plus sign (+) in between [...]

Frontier Open Source Software Portal

The Frontier Open Source Software Portal includes source code that is available for you to download. Note: The included open source licenses govern each of these downloads. Frontier makes these available without any warranty. You are required to follow the license terms which may require you to [...]

Watch ESPN3

Access to the ESPN3 web site and video archives is being provided to our customers free of charge! Go to to get ESPN3. In addition to being a Frontier High-Speed Internet customer, you must have a computer that meets the following minimum software and hardware [...]

Frontier Policies on VPN, NTP servers and more

Please read the Frontier Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). All Frontier customers must abide by these rules. Here are Frontier's policies regarding some specific topics: Frontier cannot support your company's  VPN because we support connectivity of High-Speed Internet connection to one PC [...]

My Security and Value Added Services

Frontier is pleased to welcome our new customers in California, Texas and Florida—former Verizon customers. The Frontier Secure product line provides an excellent set of alternatives to the security products you had with Verizon. We’ve put together these detailed facts to answer your [...]