Design in WYSIWYG

A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Program is one that creates web page code for you. All you do is insert your own content, make some choices about how you want it to look, and the program generates the HTML code, ready to put online.

Here are some examples of software programs that you can use to put together your web site:

As with any software program, be sure to check the PC or Mac system requirements before you download and install it.

If the page you're creating is going to be the first page—the home page—of your web site, save it as index.html. Web browsers will automatically display the index.html page first when someone comes to your web site. Any other pages on your site should have short names, with no spaces, and end in .html. Your page files may have names like index.html, vacation.html, resume.html, about.html, and so on.

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