Plan My Site

One of the most important steps in creating your web page is planning. Here's how:

  1. Make a list of things you want in your web site—vacation photos, links to other sites, your contact information, your résumé. This will ensure that nothing gets left out.
  2. Organize your resources (written content, images, etc.) into logical groups—each group will represent a page within your web site. For example, if you're showcasing your poetry and photography, decide how you want to split them up: Do you want poems on one web page and photos on another? Or do you want to group them by theme, with one poem and one accompanying photo per page?
  3. Sketch each web page on paper before you proceed. Just simple boxes are all you need to define the different parts of the page. Be sure to look at other web sites you like. Figure out what you like about them and notice how they're arranged.
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