Upload My Web Site

By now you should have coded your web site and saved it in Notepad (or any simple text editor), or created it in a WYSIWYG program. Regardless of the program you used to produce your site, it's time to upload all of the elements—pages, images, downloadable files—so it may be viewed online.

You can upload your web site to your personal web space using an FTP program, a WYSIWYG program, or your web browser. You can use your Frontier web space to share files without a password. Find out about space limitations and how to visit your site online.

Free FTP Programs can be downloaded safely from  Download.com.

Note: If you have purchased your own domain, you must publish your web pages on the server that hosts your domain. The instructions included here are for publishing to Frontier's servers, but the basic instructions are generally the same. Domains are purchased for use over a set period of time and are "owned" by you until that time elapses and you choose not to renew ownership. Frontier cannot access your domain, so we cannot be of direct assistance to you.

Still need help? Call 1.800.239.4430 or Live Chat

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