Call Forward Unanswered/No Answer

When you can't answer your phone, Call Forward Unanswered/No Answer ets you to redirect incoming calls to another number. Only unanswered calls will be forwarded to the number you designate.

  • Dial  9 2 from a Touchtone phone or 1 1 9 2 from a Rotary/Pulse.
  • Listen for a special dial tone, then enter the number of rings to allow before forwarding.
  • Dial the number that you want your calls forwarded to.
  • Call Forwarding is activated when someone answers the number you dialed. If you receive a busy signal or no answer, hang up and try the first two steps within two minutes.
  • You will get a confirmation tone indicating that this option is activated.
  • For Seneca Gorham: Dial  5 2.
  • For Rochester: Dial  4 4.
For Rochester: To change the amount of times your phone rings before your calls are forwarded:
  • Dial  4 0 from a Touchtone phone or 1 1 4 0 from a Rotary/Pulse phone.
  • Listen for a second dial tone and then dial the number of seconds (from 5 to 60) to wait before your unanswered calls are forwarded (your phone rings every 5 seconds).
  • Listen for a confirmation tone.
  • Dial  9 3 from a Touchtone phone or 1 1 9 3 from a Rotary/Pulse phone and listen for a confirmation tone.
  • For Seneca Gorham: Dial  5 3.
  • For Rochester: Dial  4 5.
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