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Frontier offers a variety of Internet, TV, phone, protection and online security, texting and CPE products. Our goal is to maintain all of your key products and services. You will be notified in advance if there are any changes to your current services.

We have been working for quite some time to ensure a smooth transition from your Verizon account, providing as much continuity as possible. For example:

  • You can keep your current telephone number, and Frontier will offer all the telephone services that Verizon provided.
  • Your calling plan will not change.
  • Your calling features and voicemail features will not change.
    • You will continue to use the same * codes to activate and deactivate calling features that you use today.
    • All of your passwords, greetings, and saved voicemail messages will be preserved.
    • Only the number you call to access your voicemail will change. Find your local access number or dial your telephone number, press the star button (*) when you hear the greeting, and enter your PIN.
    • Your PIN remains unchanged, but if you ever want to change it, you will be required to enter a minimum 6-digit passcode.
    • Frontier FiOS Digital Voice customers have a new toll free number to access voicemail: 1.844.387.5200. Or simply dial *86 (or your own phone number) from your home phone.
    • Your Speed Dial numbers, Select Call Forwarding, Priority Call (VIP Alert) and Selective Call Acceptance numbers will all be saved and don't need to be re-entered.
  • Your 911 service will work just as it always has. However, please remember that your FiOS Digital Voice service requires electrical power to function. You are responsible for maintaining a Battery Backup Unit and replacing the battery as needed to support your voice service, including dialing 911, in the event of a power outage.
  • Your directory listing, including your decision to have an unlisted telephone number, will continue with Frontier as it is currently set with Verizon.
  • Your Caller ID service will continue to have the same level of functionality.
  • You will continue to have your pre-subscribed equal access long distance carrier, if you have chosen one, and selected long distance calling plans at time of conversion to Frontier.
    • You will be transitioned to Frontier Long Distance (Frontier Communications of America, Inc. -“FCA”) if Verizon Long Distance, LLC was your service provider. With this conversion, the long distance surcharges associated with FCA shall apply as follows:
      • Former Verizon Long Distance Surcharges
        "Long Distance Administrative Charge": $0.74 per line
        "Carrier Cost Recovery Charge": $1.25 per line
      • FCA Long Distance Surcharge
        "Carrier Cost Recovery Charge": $1.99 per account

To find out more about your Frontier phone service, you can visit our Help Center and download the following:

User Guides FAQs
 FiOS Residential User Guide  Frontier Voice Service
 Calling Features User Guide  FiOS Digital Voice
 Inside Wire Maintenance Plan User Guide  Top questions about your Frontier services

We also have special FAQs written in Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Cambodian, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Still need help? Call 1.800.921.8104 or Live Chat

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