Set Up Your Sub-mailboxes

When you log into your mailbox it is the controlling or administrative mailbox. From this box you can add or delete sub-mailboxes.

1 Set up your administrative mailbox The system will walk you through the first-time initialization of the mailbox. It will prompt you to change your security PIN and record your personal greeting.
  • Your personal greeting is what callers hear when they leave you a message.
  • For example, "Hello. You've reached the Smith family. No one is available to take your call, but it is important to us…"
2 Record your Group Greeting The Group Greeting tells callers which button to press to reach different mailboxes. You must activate the Group Greeting after you record it.
  • This is the first greeting your callers will hear.
  • For example, "Hello. You've reached the Smith family. For William, press 1. For Kate, press 2. For all others, press 3.
  • An announcement will tell you if the Group Greeting is active.
3 Add or remove sub-mailboxes Be ready to write down the temporary PIN for each sub-mailbox. From the main menu:
  • Press 4 for Group (Family/Shared) Mailbox Settings. You may add up to nine sub-mailboxes.
  • Press 3 to add a new secondary mailbox to a group account. When using this feature the system will assign a default PIN.
4 Use email notification You can add or change the email notification feature by accessing your mailbox online at Email notification lets you save, email, delete, or forward your voice messages. Note: If you delete a message at the website, you are also deleting it on your phone.

You'll also find more detailed information in your new Frontier Enhanced Messaging User Guide.

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