Automatic Busy Redial/Repeat Call

Automatic Busy Redial / Repeat Call checks the number every 30 seconds for up to 30 minutes until the line is no longer busy, saving you the trouble of redialing. When the line is available, your phone will sound three short rings to let you know. This feature is also available on a pay-per-use or subscription basis in most markets.


  • Automatic Busy Redial / Repeat Call is not available to Frontier Voice customers in Connecticut at this time.
  • Busy Redial and Call Return will not work with some calls due to network limitations (e.g. long distance, cellular, restricted numbers, etc.)
  • Automatic Busy Redial can check as many as 31 busy lines for you. To know which call is being completed, you must subscribe to a Caller ID service.
  • This feature does not work on 800, 888, or 900 numbers, outside the specified service areas or on lines where other call services such as Call Forward have been activated.
Task How To
  1. When you hear busy signal, hang up, then dial 6 6.
    Exception: Seneca Gorham and Rochester, dial 6 9.
  2. Your call is completed if phone is not busy. If it is busy, listen for confirmation message and hang up.
  3. Your phone sounds three short rings when line is available.
  • Dial 8 9 and listen for confirmation message.
    Exception: Seneca Gorham and Rochester, dial 8 6.
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