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Three-Way Calling & Conference Calls

You can now speak to two people at once! Three-Way Calling transfers calls without giving out the other person's phone number and allows you to hang up on a three-way conversation without disconnecting the other parties.

To use Three-Way Calling:

  • While connected to your first call, press the switch hook or flash button once. This puts the first caller on hold and activates a dial tone. They'll remain on hold while you make the second call.
  • Once you have reached the second caller, bring the first back into the conversation by pressing the switch hook or flash button again.
  • If the second caller doesn't answer, simply press the flash button to restore the first connection, and the second call will be automatically disconnected.

If you use Three-Way Calling to connect to a long distance number, you will be charged the appropriate long distance rate. Call Waiting does not work during a Three-Way Call.

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