"Replacing Your FiOS Backup Battery" Transcript

 Replacing Your FiOS Backup Battery

In this video, you’ll learn how to replace your backup battery.

To remove the current battery, feel alongside the cover panel for a tab that lifts the door open. Depending upon your model, the tab could be located on the left or on the bottom. Opening the door will reveal the battery.

Now, detach the Velcro or un-do the snaps, depending upon which model you have. Unplug the jack, then pull to remove the battery from the terminal and disconnect the leads from the top of the battery.

When you receive the replacement backup battery, go through the same process in reverse order to install the new one. Find the tab that opens the door and lift it off the unit. Put the battery into the unit, connect the leads, and attach it to the housing unit.

That’s it. You’ve successfully removed and replaced your backup battery.

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