"How to Make a Three-Way Phone Call" Transcript

 How to Make a Three-Way Phone Call

In this video you‘ll learn how to use Three-Way Calling.

Three-Way Calling allows you to add a third person to your conversation so you can speak to two people at once.

First, dial and connect to the first person. To add the second person, press the flash button. The first caller is automatically placed on hold while you listen for three short beeps or tones, followed by the dial tone.

Now, dial the number of the second person. The first person will remain on hold. When the second person answers, press the flash button again and all three of you will be connected. If the second caller doesn't answer, simply press the flash button to restore the first connection and the second call will automatically disconnect.

If someone you called wants to leave the three-way conversation, they can simply hang up. You’ll still be connected to the other person.

To disconnect the entire three-way call, simply hang up the phone. The other two people will automatically disconnect.

Either of your connections can be local or long distance. If you’re making a long distance call, please be sure to dial 1, then the 10-digit phone number. Long distance charges may apply.

Keep in mind if you have Call Waiting, it will not work during a Three-Way Call.

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