Welcome to Vantage Voice.

Vantage™ Voice is built with digital technology that helps deliver great call quality and reliability. You have the option of using more than 20 calling features to control how and when you communicate.

In addition to Call Waiting and Caller ID, you can use other features you might not be as familiar with:

  • Nomorobo™—This complimentary service that allows you to stop unwanted robocalls from unauthorized businesses and solicitors.
  • Locate Me—keeps you in touch. Locate Me allows incoming calls to ring up to three numbers in the order you choose.
  • Simultaneous Ring on multiple phone numbers—so you never worry about missing a call.
  • Flexible Call Management—Manage call features and voicemail from a web-based management portal, your Vantage Video TV (via your set-top box), or a mobile device.

Note: Always dial the entire 10-digit telephone number every time you make a call.

Important Information about your Battery Backup and Monitoring Systems

In case of an electrical outage, a fully-charged Battery Backup Unit (BBU) will power basic Vantage Voice services, including 911 dialing, for a minimum of 8 hours. If the battery is drained or there is no battery present, the voice service will not function for any purpose. You can find stickers with this information in the welcome kit provided during your installation. We strongly recommend you apply them to your phones, so all users are aware of this possible limitation.

Your service is compatible with many monitored home alarms and medical monitoring systems. Please check with your external system's provider to ensure compatibility. In cases where the external system is not compatible with VoIP, a traditional telephone line can be added to support the external systems.

Note: It is your responsibility to provide electrical power necessary for your voice service to function. To accommodate possible power outages, Frontier offers the option to purchase battery backup. To learn about and purchase a Frontier BBU for Vantage Voice, click on the Battery Backup Unit link below.

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Nomorobo is a trademark of Telephone Science Corporation.

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