Frontier Service Outage Overview

Frontier is working tirelessly to restore your services Report an outage or identify outages in your area We do everything we can [...]

Connection Issues

If you are experiencing any of the following issues with your Frontier voice connection, please let our Support Wizard guide you through the necessary steps to correct your problem: Can't Make Calls Constant Busy Signal No Dial Tone Not Receiving Calls Static on the Phone [...]

New Dialing Instructions

Occasionally different parts of the country grow so much and have so many local phone numbers that changes are needed. Sometimes new area codes are introduced and in some places people have to dial their local area code to complete a call. These changes are overseen by the North American Numbering [...]

Power Supply Problems & Battery Back-up

Your service has a Battery Back-up Unit (BBU) located inside your garage or house where it can be easily monitored. If your ONT is accidentally unplugged or the power goes out, your back-up battery will provide you with power for voice service for up to 8 hours. (Note that it will not operate your [...]

New Voicemail Instructions

Select WV Customers: Frontier is pleased to inform you that your voicemail service is being migrated to a new, more reliable voicemail platform. This upgrade will occur between midnight and 6 a.m. During this time, you may experience a brief interruption of your voicemail service. Take Action: [...]

Long Distance Call Problems

If you can't make long distance calls, the problem might be: Restriction of your long distance calling service if your payment is overdue. Physical problems at a telephone switch. Your Call Forwarding service may be activated. (See Call Forwarding to learn how to turn it off.) Please [...]

Vantage Voice by Frontier Battery Backup Unit

Your Vantage™ Voice by Frontier™ is an enhanced voice communication service using Frontier’s IP or fiber-optic facilities and requires electrical power to function. Unlike a traditional line-powered landline phone service, your Vantage Voice by Frontier will not [...]