Troubleshoot Voice Issues

Click your phone service issue below. Our Support Wizard will guide you step-by-step and help you solve the problem. My phone has no dial tone All my calls go straight to voicemail I can't hear the caller I can't make phone calls I always get a busy signal when I make a call [...]

Local Area Code Changes

Everyone once in a while we need a new area code so we can have more phone numbers available. When that happens, you may have to dial your own area code to make a local call. This is called an area code overlay. The North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) oversees this change, and the [...]

Mandatory 10-Digit Dialing

Starting July 16, 2022, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will make 988 the three-digit number people may call to reach the National Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline. Until that date, please call 1.800.273.TALK (8255) to reach the Lifeline. To make 988 work in your [...]

Battery Backup for Voice

Frontier Digital Voice service needs your home's electricity to work. If you lose power, a Battery Backup Unit (BBU) can power your phone so you can make phone calls—including emergency 911 calls. To get this protection, order a Battery Backup Unit for your service. Installing a BBU is [...]

Long Distance Call Problems

Here are 3 possible reasons why you can't make long distance calls: Your payment is overdue so your long distance calling service is restricted. There is a physical problem at a telephone switch. Your Call Forwarding service is turned on. Please try our Support Wizard to help diagnose [...]

Service Outages

Are you having a service outage? Enter your billing telephone number* below to see if there is an outage at your address. Billing Telephone Number*  There is a service outage in your area. To receive text messages from Frontier with outage updates, [...]

Troubleshooting Your Battery Backup Unit

The Battery Backup Unit (BBU) and the Power Supply Unit (PSU) are required for Fiber Digital Voice and Frontier® Digital Voice services to the Optical Network Terminal (or ONT). Each Battery Backup Unit must have a Power Supply Unit that plugs into an outlet, supplying power to it. [...]

Automated Troubleshooting

Automated Troubleshooting is available to Fiber, Frontier®, and Frontier Internet customers. Use it if you're having trouble with your internet connection, TV signal, or phone service. How it works: The tool checks to ensure all your services are being provided to you as expected. If [...]