California (805) Area Code Overlay

To ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers, the new 820 area code will be added to the area served by 805. This is known as an area code overlay. Get ready to change the way you dial your local calls!

You do not need to change your existing area code or telephone number.

New Dialing Procedure
  • When calling a number within your own 805 region, dial ten digits: 1 + (805) plus the 7-digit telephone number. (Note: The 1 is optional when calling from a cellular or mobile phone.)
  • You should begin using the new dialing procedure on December 1, 2017. Up until June 2, 2018, if you forget and dial only seven digits, your call will still be completed. As of that date you must dial all ten digits or your call will not be completed. A recording will instruct you to hang up and dial again.
  • Starting June 30, 2018, new telephone lines or services may be assigned numbers using the new 820 area code. All calls made within and between area codes 805 and 820 must be placed using the ten-digit telephone number (805 or 820 plus the seven-digit telephone number).
Don't Forget
  • Reprogram any equipment that stores frequently called local numbers so that it dials all ten digits. This includes life safety systems or medical devices, PBXs, fax machines, dialup Internet modems, alarm and security systems or gates, speed dialers, mobile phones, call forwarding settings, voicemail services, and similar functions.
  • Update your website, stationery, advertising materials, bank checks, contact information, and your personal or pet ID tags to include the area code.
What Will Not Change
  • Your telephone number, including current area code.
  • The price of a call, coverage area, or other rates and services.
  • Whatever is considered a local call now will still be a local call.
  • Continue to dial 1 + area code + telephone number (eleven digits) for calls to area codes other than 805 and 820.
  • In an emergency simply dial 911.
  • If 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711 or 811 services are currently available in your community, no extra digits are needed.

Call Frontier Communications at 1.800.921.8101 or visit the California Public Utility Commission's web site.

Still need help? Call 1.800.921.8106 or Live Chat

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