Backup Power Source
Power for your voice service

Your Vantage™ Voice by Frontier™ is an enhanced voice communication service using Frontier’s IP or fiber-optic facilities and requires electrical power to function. Unlike a traditional line-powered landline phone service, your Vantage Voice by Frontier will not function—including calling 911—in the event of a power outage, unless you have backup power.

In compliance with an FCC requirement, Frontier offers for sale a battery backup unit (BBU) with a minimum of 8 hours of power to residential customers whose voice service is not line-powered. We highly recommend that you buy this optional BBU to keep your Vantage Voice by Frontier service working during a power outage.

Please note that the Frontier-supplied BBU does not provide power to telephone equipment that requires commercial power to operate, Internet services, television services, or your computer. It powers the voice service only. You may want to consider buying a separate battery backup system into which you can plug your telephone’s power cord. These systems—also known as an Uninterrupted Power Supply or UPS—are available online or at electronics stores nationwide.

You are responsible for purchasing and/or replacing the battery in the Frontier-supplied BBU. To learn about or purchase the BBU for your voice service, visit our Phone page.

The particular Belkin BBU pictured here is only offered in certain areas.

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