How to Access Voicemail by Phone

Whether you're at home or away, it's easy to listen to your voicemail messages. Here's what to do:

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  • Press  1 0 0 from your home phone. (Some customers may press  9 8.)
  • From any other phone dial 1, then your home phone number. When you hear the greeting, press , then enter your PIN.
  • Dial your Voicemail Access Number, wait for the greeting and enter your 10-digit phone number and PIN.
  1. Dial your phone number (or a  Voicemail Access Number).
  2. Press when you hear the greeting.
  3. Enter your PIN on your home phone or your 10-digit phone number and PIN on another phone.
Note: If you block Caller ID, the voicemail system will not receive your phone number and you must enter your 10-digit mailbox number and PIN. To un-block Caller ID, first dial  8 2.
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