Changes in My Service

Frontier is working to ensure a smooth transition for all of our FiOS® Digital Voice customers. Please note these differences:

  • FiOS Digital Voice Account Manager: Frontier has created a new web portal that looks and works very much like your Verizon web account manager. To access the Frontier FiOS Account Manager portal you will need to create a new Frontier ID.
  • Frontier does not offer pick your own area code (PYOAC) service to new customers, but you will be able to keep your current PYOAC service.
  • MyFrontier Mobile App: Frontier FiOS Digital Voice is now included in the MyFrontier mobile app. Download the app.
  • International Calling: There may be changes to rates to certain countries. International Rates are included in the FiOS Digital Voice Unlimited Calling Plan. Frontier also offers FiOS Digital Voice customers two optional block of time plans, World Plan 300 or World Plan 500, with reduced rates.
  • Frontier does not offer vanity number service to new customers, but you will be able to keep your current vanity number service.
  • FiOS Digital Voice allows you to save contact information for new calls and voicemail messages, including name and telephone number; however, your previous phone book, calendar data, and scheduled events, such as scheduled call forwarding, will not be available.
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