FiOS TV Channel and User Guides

FiOS® has a wide variety of programming available: music, special events, sports channels, on demand, a variety of languages, and more. Find out about On Demand, pay-per-view or special events, HDTV, and programming in languages other than English. The following guides will help you get [...]

My Set-Top Box

Your FiOS® equipment consists of either a DVR Set-Top Box (Digital Video Recorder) or a Non-DVR Set-Top Box, and a Remote Control. Here are instructions for using your Set-Top Box. Be sure to download your channel guide. Frontier FiOS® offers three types of Set-Top Boxes with different [...]

My Remote Control

Your FiOS® TV remote control is a powerful tool that puts so much entertainment at your fingertips. Here are some tips and instructions to help you get the most out of your FiOS TV experience. Start by downloading this handy  guide to your remote control. Then learn the basics of [...]

Requirements for Installation

Here are the basic requirements for FiOS® TV: FiOS must be available in your location. Home must be wired for cable. You'll use a coaxial cable to connect FiOS® Optical Network Terminal to TV or Set-Top Box. TV sets must be cable-ready to receive local service channels below [...]


Find out how to reset or reboot your FiOS® TV equipment and how to fix a pixelated or tiled TV image, plus read troubleshooting tips for your remote control and for watching special programming. If your on-screen guide is missing, please use our Support Wizard to restore it. For more [...]

New CA, FL and TX Customers

Frontier has years of experience with FiOS services, and we're ready for you. Our goal is to maintain all of your key products and services. You will be notified in advance if there are any changes to your current services. Frontier Communications offers a large catalog of Internet, TV, phone, [...]

My New Frontier TV Service

Frontier is pleased to welcome our new customers in California, Texas and Florida—former Verizon customers. You can keep your existing TV equipment and enjoy an easy transition to Frontier applications and interfaces that are very similar to what you had with Verizon. We’ve put together [...]

Video Transcripts: FiOS TV

Did you know Frontier has produced more than 100 self-help videos? They are all available in our Video Gallery, and you will find some of the most popular videos attached to individual Help Center articles. Here are links to our FiOS TV videos, along with their transcripts, for your convenience: [...]

Accessible FiOS® TV

Your FiOS® Quantum™ TV service from Frontier offers accessibility solutions for customers with disabilities. Here are the instructions for turning on Audible Navigation, Descriptive Video Service, and Closed Captioning using your FiOS remote control. You may want to download a screen [...]