Your FiOS® Quantum™ TV service from Frontier offers accessibility solutions for customers with disabilities. Here are the instructions for turning on Audible Navigation, Descriptive Video Service, and Closed Captioning using your FiOS remote control.

You may want to download a screen reader-ready version of the  FiOS User Guide for Frontier customers in California, Florida and Texas.

Enable Audible Navigation

This feature allows you to navigate through the system using voice prompts. The talking guide is available in English and Spanish.

  • Select Menu button
  • Press up arrow to select Settings
  • Press right arrow three times to select System
  • Press down arrow twice to select Accessibility
  • Press right arrow to select Audible Navigation
  • Press down arrow to select On
  • Press OK button to save
  • Press Exit button

To turn voice navigation off, follow same steps above.

Enable Descriptive Video Service

This feature provides a narrative during your show's key visual elements. Narration incorporates natural pauses during program dialogue for a rich, entertainment experience. It may not be available for all channels.

  • Press Menu
  • Arrow Up to select Settings
  • Press OK — You are now at the System Menu
  • Arrow Right to Accessibility
  • Arrow Right to Closed Captions
  • Arrow Down to DVS
  • Press OK
  • Down Arrow to On
  • Press OK
  • Press Exit to return to viewing TV

Enable or disable Closed Caption

This feature subtitles the audio portion of a video program providing on-screen text for dialogue, narration and sound effects.

  • Press the * (asterisk) button

The Closed Captioning icon is present on programming when captions are available.

If you have any questions about Frontier's accessibility solutions for customers with disabilities you may contact Raquel Taylor.

The FiOS® marks are owned by Verizon Trademark Services LLC and used under license.

Still need help? Call 1.800.239.4430 or Live Chat

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