Pay-Per-View/Special Event

Frontier FiOS® TV lets you see the latest PPV movies, shows and events. Just follow a few easy steps with your remote. PPV programs may be watched at the specific show time or, if you have a DVR, you can record a PPV program to view at a later time. Due to certain copyright restrictions, the DVR may not be able to record all PPV programs.

To see what's playing and to order, press the Menu button on your remote and:

  • Select Pay Per View.
  • Highlight a title in Upcoming Shows.
  • Press OK.
  • Follow the instructions to purchase.

If you've pre-purchased a presentation, you can easily set a reminder so you don't miss a minute of it. Just go to the Main Menu and:

  • Select the event through Search or with the Guide button.
  • Select Set Reminder on the event information screen.

Note: You may want to block Pay-Per-View programming, On Demand programming or adult content. Frontier FiOS TV Parental Controls let you block access to programming either by channel or rating. You can also selectively block PPV and On Demand purchases, and choose to show or hide adult programming from the TV Listings. When programs with a particular rating level are blocked, the FiOS TV IMG automatically blocks the higher ratings. You can create a PIN so that controls won't be changed without your approval. Only those with the user-defined PIN can access the blocked content.

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