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Need more help with your Frontier FiOS® TV service?

  1. Select Menu, Help on your remote control.
  2. Go to FiOS® TV channel 131 from the Help Menu for assistance.
    Note: Your remote may have a Help button for quicker access.

The following facts may also be helpful to you:

  • Storage: Most external hard drives use a USB connection to increase storage capacity on personal computers. The USB ports are disabled on FiOS® DVRs, so you cannot increase its storage capacity. If you run out of recording space, the DVR automatically deletes the oldest shows to make room for new recordings. If you don't want your DVR to erase saved programs, on your remote control, select Menu > Recorded TV. Choose the programs you want to keep and select Save Until.
  • Aspect Ratio: You can choose the aspect ratio of the video for advanced receivers (models 6200 or better). You can also choose between 4:3 (standard) or 16:9 (Cinema) mode. The highest resolution currently possible for broadcast TV is 1080i.
  • To change the video format settings on your advanced receiver, on your remote, press Menu > Settings > Video Settings > Video Format. Then select the format you want to use.
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