"Program Your FiOS Remote Control" Transcript

 Program Your FiOS Remote Control

In this video, you’ll learn how to program your FiOS remote to work with your TV.

Before we get started, make sure your FiOS TV service is activated. Then make sure you have batteries in your FiOS TV remote.

To program your FiOS remote to control your TV, first turn on your TV using the TV’s power button from the remote that came with your set. Then, turn on your FiOS box and make sure you can see a picture on your TV.

On your FiOS remote, press and hold the OK button. While holding the OK button, also press the FiOS TV button for two seconds. Then release both buttons. The red LED light on the FiOS remote will blink twice and then stay on.

Aim the FiOS remote at your TV and then press and hold the Play button.

Now the remote will try a new TV code every second. The red LED light will blink each time a new code is sent. Be patient, this process could take up to eight minutes as it goes through more than 400 codes.

When your TV turns off, stop pressing the play button.

Now you need to test that the remote control is programmed for your TV.

To test the FiOS remote, turn the TV back on with the TV power button on the FiOS remote. Now test the volume buttons. If all the buttons work, press the OK button to save the changes. The red LED light will blink three times and then turn off.

That’s it. Now you can use your FiOS remote to control your TV.

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