Equipment Errors

These tips will help you solve equipment errors.

TiVo® restarted Did your TiVo restart on its own? If DVR is well-ventilated and doesn't feel very hot, there's no need to worry. Software upgrades are normal and common reason for restart. But if DVR is very hot, make sure there is adequate ventilation all around it. Overheating can cause reboot.
Program Guide display TiVo DVR can store nearly two weeks' worth of program guide data (typically 12½ days). To fix problems with DVR storage, "force a service call" by following these steps from your DVR:

  1. Select TiVo Central > Settings and Messages
  2. Select Settings > Network
  3. Select Connect to TiVo Service Now.
TiVo® Mini can't find host DVR Ensure both devices are on same network and physically connected to same router.
Distorted audio/wrong language If you have no audio, or audio is distorted or in wrong language:
  1. Make sure Dolby Digital settings are correct. Go to TiVo Central > Settings and Messages > Settings > Audio > Dolby Audio.
  2. In Audio Settings or through Info banner, check that audio track is set to correct language.
  3. Check cables for snug connections and damage.
OnePass not recording new programs
  1. Check DVR's ability to record. If DVR is filled with recordings marked "Keep until I delete," new recordings will not occur. Delete some programs to make room.
  2. Check for scheduling conflicts. DVR will not record if tuners are busy with priority content. Were more than four recordings scheduled at same time? Were tuners being used to view live TV when viewer stopped recording? OnePass Manager can help you modify or re-prioritize OnePass.
  3. Confirm OnePass is set up to record all episodes from any channel on which program airs. Some series, particularly those with multiple seasons, may run on multiple channels.
Remote Control Issues
Delayed response or can't control equipment If remote control response is delayed or you can't control TV/AV equipment:
  • Replace remote's batteries
  • Set up TV/AV buttons on remote control
  • Check for amber LED on TiVo front panel
  • Use correct remote control or remote address
  • Reset remote control
Channel return not working If Enter/Last button on remote doesn't jump back to last channel you were watching, make sure channel is checked and available in Channel List. Software can only jump back to last available channel.
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