Frontier TV

Frontier TV Channel, Installation and User Guides

Check below for your local channel lineups, user guides and self-installation guides. Then click for details about Pay Per View and Whole-Home HD DVR. Channel availability is based on market. Please note, all channels are not available in all markets and may not be available until later in the [...]

Accessible Frontier TV

Your Frontier® TV service offers accessibility solutions for customers with disabilities. Find out how to turn on Audible Navigation, Descriptive Video Service, and Closed Captioning using your remote control. Enable Audible Navigation This feature allows you to navigate through the system [...]

Troubleshoot Frontier TV

Find helpful troubleshooting videos on channel 411 or by selecting Go Interactive from your remote control. Closed Captioning Contact Information If you have a question or concern about closed captioning on any program, please call Frontier® at 1.877.462.6606. You can also send written [...]

My Fiber TV Remote Control

Follow the step-by-step instructions to program your remote to connect with your brand and model TV and your Frontier set-top box. Code Search Method (Recommended): Turn on your TV and set-top box. Press and hold OK and TV buttons, then release both at the same time. The red LED will blink [...]

Video On Demand Support

Fiber TV and Frontier® TV give you thousands of titles to watch when and where you want. Check out the up-to-date library of movies, TV shows and events at or with the FrontierTV app. When you're on the go, sign in with your Frontier ID, then watch live TV, see your TV [...]

Order a New Fiber TV Remote Control

To order a replacement or an additional remote for Frontier® TV, chat online with us. A Technical Support Agent will determine whether your remote needs to be replaced. There is no charge if the remote is within the 30 day warranty and there is no physical damage to the remote. [...]

Activate My Frontier TV Set-Top Box

Activating your Set-Top Box (STB) is easy and works the same whether you're: Upgrading to a new Frontier® service Adding a new STB to another TV Installing it yourself Having a Frontier technician install it for you For Frontier TV customers: Connect your router to your [...]

How to Record Shows Using Frontier DVR Experience

If you're a Frontier TV DVR customer, here's how to use your remote control to record and watch shows. You can also set recordings from the FrontierTV app. To record a show that is currently playing: Press the RECORD button on your remote. The show will start recording from the point you started [...]