Whole Home DVR

With Whole Home DVR from Vantage™ TV by Frontier™ you can record up to four shows at once on a single DVR, and play them back in any room in your home. Pause a recorded show in one room and pick it up in another.

To pause or rewind live TV, from any receiver, simply press the Pause or Rewind buttons on your remote control. You can pause live TV for up to 60 minutes. Press Play to restart your program.

To begin recording the program you're watching from any receiver, press RECORD on your Frontier remote. Press STOP to end the recording at any time.

Whole Home DVR even lets you schedule a program recording or series recording right from your Frontier program guide.

For more detailed instructions and to better understand all of your options, watch the  Whole Home DVR video (this applies to Connecticut customers only).

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