Channel Lineup

* For FiOS® TV subscribers, these channels are available only with FiOS Quantum TV
+ Commercial free music videos
All channels are available to Vantage TV subscribers

FiOS Channel # Vantage Channel # Music Choice Channel
18005100Music Choice Hit List
18015101Music Choice Max
18025102Music Choice Teen Beats
18035103Music Choice Love Songs
18045104Music Choice 70s
18055105Music Choice 80s
18065106Music Choice 90s
18075107Music Choice Y2K
18085108Music Choice Pop Hits
18095109Music Choice Party Favorites
18105110Music Choice Toddler Tunes
18115111Music Choice Kidz Only
18125112Music Choice Solid Gold Oldies
18135113Music Choice Dance/EDM
18145113Music Choice Dance/EDM
18155114Music Choice Soft Rock
18165115Music Choice Hip-Hop and R&B
18175116Music Choice Rap
18185117Music Choice Hip-Hop Classics
18195118Music Choice Throwback Jamz
18205119Music Choice R&B Classics
18215120Music Choice R&B Soul
18225121Music Choice Gospel
18235122Music Choice Reggae
18245123Music Choice Metal
18255124Music Choice Alternative
18265125Music Choice Adult Alternative
18275126Music Choice Rock Hits
18285127Music Choice Classic Rock
18295128Music Choice Rock
18305129Music Choice Indie
18315130Music Choice Pop & Country
18325131Music Choice Today's Country
18335132Music Choice Country Hits
18345133Music Choice Classic Country
18355134Music Choice Pop Latino
18365135Music Choice Musica Urbana
18375136Music Choice Mexicana
18385137Music Choice Tropicales
18395138Music Choice Romances
18405139Music Choice Sounds of the Seasons
18415140Music Choice Stage & Screen
18425141Music Choice Soundscapes
18435142Music Choice Smooth Jazz
18445143Music Choice Jazz
18455144Music Choice Blues
18465145Music Choice Singers & Swing
18475146Music Choice Easy Listening
18485147Music Choice Classical Masterpieces
18495148Music Choice Light Classical
18505149Music Choice Contemporary Christian
18515150Music Choice 80s Rock *
18525151Music Choice Folk *
18535152Music Choice Classic Alternative *
18545153Music Choice Punk *
18555154Music Choice Bluegrass *
18565155Music Choice Americana *
18575156Music Choice Lounge *
18585157Music Choice Underground Hip-Hop *
18595158Music Choice Rap 2K *
18605159Music Choice New Wave *
18615160Music Choice Classic Metal *
18625161Music Choice Emo X Screamo *
18635162Music Choice Latin Jazz *
18645163Music Choice Opera *
18655164Music Choice Rock Latino *
18665165Music Choice All Xmas *
18675166Music Choice Brits + Hits *
18685167Music Choice Teen Ritmos *
18695168Music Choice Classic Dance *
18705169Music Choice Kids Movie Soundtracks *
18715170Music Choice Funk *
18725171Music Choice ALT R&B *
18735172Music Choice K-Pop *
18745173Music Choice Filipino *
18755174Music Choice Brazilian Pop *
18765175Music Choice Play *
18775176Music Choice Teen Beats Video * +
18785177Music Choice 90s Video * +
18795178Music Choice Hit List Video * +
18805179Music Choice Pop Hits Video * +
18815180Music Choice Brits + Hits Video * +
18825181Music Choice Y2K Video * +
18835182Music Choice Hip-Hop and R&B Video * +
18845183Music Choice Rap Video * +
18855184Music Choice R&B Soul Video * +
18865185Music Choice Throwback Jamz Video * +
18875186Music Choice Rap 2K Video * +
18885187Music Choice Dance/EDM Video * +
18895188Music Choice Pop & Country Video * +
18905189Music Choice Today's Country Video * +
18915190Music Choice Alternative Video * +
18925191Music Choice Indie Video * +
18935192Music Choice Rock Video * +
18945193Music Choice Metal Video
18955194Music Choice Pop Latino Video
18965195Music Choice Musica Urbana Video
18975196Music Choice Mexicana Video
18985197Music Choice Tropicales Video
18995198Music Choice Kidz Only! Video
19005199Music Choice Toddler Tunes Video

More Vantage Channels

Static Commercial-Free Audio Channels
5100Music Choice Hit List
5101Music Choice Max
5102Music Choice Teen Beats
5103Music Choice Love Songs
5104Music Choice 70s
5105Music Choice 80s
5106Music Choice 90s
5107Music Choice Y2K
5108Music Choice Pop Hits
5109Music Choice Party Favorites
5110Music Choice Toddler Tunes
5111Music Choice Kidz Only
5112Music Choice Solid Gold Oldies
5113Music Choice Dance/EDM
5113Music Choice Dance/EDM
5114Music Choice Soft Rock
5115Music Choice Hip-Hop and R&B
5116Music Choice Rap
5117Music Choice Hip-Hop Classics
5118Music Choice Throwback Jamz
5119Music Choice R&B Classics
5120Music Choice R&B Soul
5121Music Choice Gospel
5122Music Choice Reggae
5123Music Choice Metal
5124Music Choice Alternative
5125Music Choice Adult Alternative
5126Music Choice Rock Hits
5127Music Choice Classic Rock
5128Music Choice Rock
5129Music Choice Indie
5130Music Choice Pop & Country
5131Music Choice Today's Country
5132Music Choice Country Hits
5133Music Choice Classic Country
5134Music Choice Pop Latino
5135Music Choice Musica Urbana
5136Music Choice Mexicana
5137Music Choice Tropicales
5138Music Choice Romances
5139Music Choice Sounds of the Seasons 
5140Music Choice Stage & Screen
5141Music Choice Soundscapes
5142Music Choice Smooth Jazz
5143Music Choice Jazz
5144Music Choice Blues
5145Music Choice Singers & Swing
5146Music Choice Easy Listening
5147Music Choice Classical Masterpieces
5148Music Choice Light Classical
5149Music Choice Contemporary Christian
5150Music Choice 80s Rock
5151Music Choice Folk
5152Music Choice Classic Alternative
5153Music Choice Punk
5154Music Choice Bluegrass
5155Music Choice Americana
5156Music Choice Lounge
5157Music Choice Underground Hip-Hop
5158Music Choice Rap 2K
5159Music Choice New Wave
5160Music Choice Classic Metal
5161Music Choice Emo X Screamo
5162Music Choice Latin Jazz
5163Music Choice Opera
5164Music Choice Rock Latino
5165Music Choice All Xmas
5166Music Choice Brits + Hits
5167Music Choice Teen Ritmos
5168Music Choice Classic Dance
5169Music Choice Kids Movie Soundtracks
5170Music Choice Funk
5171Music Choice ALT R&B
5172Music Choice K-Pop
5173Music Choice Filipino
5174Music Choice Brazilian Pop
5175Music Choice Play
Video/Music Channels
5176Music Choice Teen Beats Video
5177Music Choice 90s Video
5178Music Choice Hit List Video
5179Music Choice Pop Hits Video
5180Music Choice Brits + Hits Video
5181Music Choice Y2K Video
5182Music Choice Hip-Hop and R&B Video
5183Music Choice Rap Video
5184Music Choice R&B Soul Video
5185Music Choice Throwback Jamz Video
5186Music Choice Rap 2K Video
5187Music Choice Dance/EDM Video
5188Music Choice Pop & Country Video
5189Music Choice Today's Country Video
5190Music Choice Alternative Video
5191Music Choice Indie Video
5192Music Choice Rock Video
5193Music Choice Metal Video
5194Music Choice Pop Latino Video
5195Music Choice Musica Urbana Video
5196Music Choice Mexicana Video
5197Music Choice Tropicales Video
5198Music Choice Kidz Only! Video
5199Music Choice Toddler Tunes Video

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