With Frontier TV Everywhere, you can stream much of your subscribed live TV and On Demand content wherever you are, whenever you want, via an Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Frontier offers two ways to watch TV Everywhere content:

  1. Use your Frontier ID to sign in to TV Everywhere products like HBOGO, WatchESPN, CNNgo, Fox News, WatchABC, NBC, and more than 100 other web sites and apps from the top entertainment brands. Frontier TV subscribers with qualified video subscription packages have access to many more such channels than other video service providers offer. Please take a moment to explore which channels are available.
  2. Get the free FrontierTV mobile app (the  iOS version or the  Android version) and enjoy a single app and web site to access more than 100 live streaming channels, tens of thousands of On Demand titles, TV Listings, and access other advanced features. Plus, you can download your On Demand purchases or rentals using the app, and watch later with no internet connection required! Find out how.

    Check out this quick summary of the FrontierTV app and web site capabilities, or go directly to tv.frontier.com and see for yourself.
The FrontierTV app supports:

  • iOS version 10.3 and higher (compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch)
  • Android version 5.1 and higher
tv.frontier.com supports:

Windows computers running:
  • Internet Explorer 11 and up
  • Firefox 41 and up
  • Chrome 46 and up
Mac computers running:
  • Chrome 46 and up
  • Safari 8 and up
Where can I watch?

You can watch TV anywhere you have an internet connection: your house, the office, a shopping mall, hotel, airport, coffee shop, etc. You'll get the best service with your in-home Wi-Fi where Frontier can control the quality of wireless signal.

Watching TV Everywhere on your smartphone or tablet may count against your mobile data plan, so check your plan first. Frontier has no way of knowing when you have exceeded your data plan, so you are responsible for all charges from your mobile carrier.

You can avoid using data by downloading your On Demand purchases or rentals using the app when you have an internet connection, and watching it without an internet or data connection. Find out how.
What can I watch?

You can live-stream content from many major networks, On Demand content from channels you subscribe to, and On Demand movies and rentals that you purchase. Keep these things in mind:
  • You can download your movies and programs using the app when you have internet access, and watch them when you have no internet access. Find out how.
  • Content is available to you based on your content package. So your content package must include the network you want to watch.
  • Not all TV channels offer TV everywhere video.
  • Some networks may not have given Frontier the authorization to provide TV everywhere video over an open network. This means there may be some channels you can watch at home on your wireless network, but not outside your home on an open network.
  • The networks decide whether or not they will offer a live feed or pre-recorded episodes of some of their programs.
  • Frontier is always working to expand the number of networks and programs available to you. As a registered user, you will see a complete list of all networks available. New programming will be added to the list as it becomes available.
  • Unlike services such as Netflix or Hulu, Frontier TV Everywhere is free to Frontier video subscribers.
How can I get help?

For assistance with this service, call 1.877.462.0488.

Still need help? Call 1.877.462.0488 or Live Chat

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