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If I don’t have Frontier FiOS® Internet service, what types of equipment will have to be installed?

You’ll need the following equipment (installed by a Frontier FiOS® TV technician):
  • Optical Network Terminal (ONT) - An ONT will be installed on the outside of your home, and a battery backup unit will be installed inside your home or garage. The ONT plugs into an electrical outlet inside your garage or home, so make sure an outlet is near where you want the ONT.
  • Router - A router provides program information and On Demand programming to your Set Top Box over the coaxial TV cables in your home. It also provides a more secure networking environment and ensures the quality of service necessary to deliver the FiOS® TV service. You also need the router for Video On Demand (VOD) services. If you want it to, your router can also facilitate content sharing in the home between your Set Top Boxes (Home Media DVR service).

Note: If you have Frontier FiOS® Internet service, you already have an ONT and router in place. An additional ONT and router are not required in this situation.

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