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What can I do if my Internet is slow?

To resolve slow Internet speeds, first try turning your router off and on. This usually resolves most connection issues. Unplug the power cord to your router. Wait 1 minute and then plug the router back in. The LAN light should be green or blinking green. Now try again to connect to the Internet.

If your connection is still slow, it could be because of these issues:

  • Check your computer for viruses, spyware or a full hard-drive. You may think you have a connection issue, but your computer performance may be impacted by spyware, viruses or a full hard-drive. Use the virus protection software available from Frontier Secure to remove viruses or spyware from your computer or remove programs from your computer.
  • Your Internet usage could be at capacity. If you are streaming several videos simultaneously, for example, it could cause your connection to slow down.
  • Electronic devices (i.e., TVs or microwaves) or physical obstructions (i.e., walls or floors) could cause interference with your router’s signal.

    Other things that can limit speeds on wireless devices are:

    • Distance from the Broadband Home Router (BHR)
    • The limitation of your wireless device. (Devices like tablets have limitations.)
    • The presence of baby monitors
    • Other infrastructure in the home
  • FiOS® TV Video-on-Demand (“VOD”) usage. Your FiOS® Internet service and FiOS® TV VOD service share capacity on the fiber optic connection to your home. The capacity available for your FiOS® Internet access service may be reduced if you are watching multiple FiOS® TV VOD titles simultaneously.

If you think you are experiencing less than expected speeds with FiOS® Internet, please first check your speeds using a speed test. We recommend using

This tool is the preferred method of testing speeds within the Frontier High-Speed Internet Network, as it does not pass traffic off of our network, thus providing you the speed of our network. This eliminates the chance of any Internet slowdowns affecting your test results.

We strongly advise that you test the speed of your High-Speed Internet connection on, as more heavily traveled sites can produce less than satisfactory results.

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