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What do I do if I don’t have a dial tone?

Try to find out if the problem is with a phone or a specific phone jack inside your home, or the network device outside your home (known as Network Interface Device or NID). Getting rid of these potential problems before you call Frontier will save you a lot of time and money!
  • If you lift your receiver, and there is dead air, first unplug all the devices (phones, faxes, computers, etc.) connected to phone jacks. Wait 3 minutes and plug each device back in, checking for a dial tone on each one. If one doesn’t work, but another on the same phone jack does work, then your problem is with the equipment. In this case, the problem is with your device so Frontier will not be able to assist.
  • If you’re still not getting a dial tone on any device after going through this process, follow the Network Interface Device (NID) Test Procedure, found here. If you don’t hear a dial tone at the NID, the problem is with the outside wiring – repairing that is easy with Frontier! We’ll fix the wiring at no extra charge – just contact Frontier to have a technician sent to your home.
  • If you hear a fast busy signal, it could be because your service is disconnected, due to temporary suspension of service or an unpaid account.
  • If you hear broken dial tone when lifting the receiver, this is not a “no dial tone” condition. Broken dial tone is presented when you have subscribed to Voicemail service and have a message waiting. You can dial through the broken dial if you do not want to retrieve and clear your Voicemail messages at the time you are trying to make a call.
  • If the problem is with inside wiring or jacks, you can choose to fix it yourself or contact Frontier Repair and have a technician sent out to assist in identifying and resolving the issue, though a service charge will be applied. You may contact Frontier Repair at 1.800.921.8104.

Note: If you have Inside Wire Maintenance, this charge may be covered in your Inside Wire Maintenance plan.

To see if the trouble with your phone service is inside the house or outside, please watch this video.

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