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Why are my calls not connecting?

It could be a few things. You may have a stuck keypad – to find out if this is the problem, make sure you can hear all key tones when you dial. Also make sure you’re dialing the correct area code and number. When you’re cleaning your phone, always use a soft, dry cloth – water or cleaning fluid can damage the phone! Don’t remove the phone cover, either, as this could void your warranty.

If you’re hearing static on the line, your cordless phone could have weak batteries. Replace them and check if you’re still hearing static. It could also be caused from interference by your burglar alarm. Disconnect the alarm for a few seconds and then check for the dial tone. Network problems can also cause disconnections to the phones. Hang up and dial again.

Go to “What do I do if I don’t have a dial tone?” to troubleshoot your phone equipment if you keep having problems. If the issue is on all your phones, watch the video below to find out if it's due to inside or outside wiring problems. If only one or two phones in your house are having trouble, you simply need to replace the faulty equipment.

To see if the trouble with your phone service is inside the house or outside, please watch this video.

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