You can add hierarchy nodes, accounts, or services to your Favorites so that it’s easy to run reports at those levels each time you log in. Add Favorites on the Edit Levels page in Setup.


Filters allow you to designate certain criteria by which to narrow the results of your reports. They are especially useful for locating a specific group of calls such as calls to clients, after-hours calls, or calls made by branch offices. You define filters in Setup which can be used when running Summary and Detail reports.


A software program or hardware device that acts as a barrier between the Internet and your computer or networked server (a computer that "serves" multiple computers). A firewall prevents unauthorized access to your computer or server (by both software programs and unauthorized Internet users) and hides your Internet-connected computer from view. All information leaving and entering your computer must pass through the firewall. It ultimately helps keep hackers away from your personal and confidential information.


Freeware is software you can download, pass around, and distribute without paying for it. It's still copyrighted, however, so you can't turn around and sell it as your own (as you can with a public domain software program).

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is the computer program that lets you download information (in the form of files) from the Internet, by connecting your computer with another computer (a server). The server delivers, or "serves," the appropriate file to your computer. With FTP you can transfer files between networked computers. You can also connect to FTP sites using a Web browser.