Instant Message Access Protocol (IMAP)

One of two forms of technology that allow your computer to retrieve email messages from the Internet or a network of computers. The other, older protocol is POP (Post Office Protocol). Outbound messages are sent with SMTP (Simple Message Transport Protocol).

Internet Network Information Center (InterNIC)

InterNIC is a web site that provides information on domain names (web site addresses). Visit to: search the registry for the availability of the domain name you want (click on Registry Whois); contact a registrar; file a registrar complaint; or report inaccurate registry data. InterNIC is operated by a public-private partnership called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Visit for more information.

Internet Protocol Address (IP Address)

Just as each building on a street has a unique address, so does each computer, server or other destination on the Internet. The IP address is a numerical address scheme that allows computers or servers to distinguish between each other. IP addresses are expressed as a series of four numbers that look like this: Because these numerical series would be hard for people to remember and transcribe, they are translated into Domain Names -- words that describe the computer, web site or email they are naming.

Internet Server Application Program Interface (ISAPI)

An application program interface (API) designed for use with Microsoft's Internet Information Server; it's a computing protocol that sets the rules for connecting, or interfacing, your personal computer with a Web server. ISAPI helps you connect with the Web faster than the traditional CGI (Common Gateway Interface) and other APIs. ISAPI uses Windows' dynamic link libraries (DLLs) to make processes faster than regular APIs.