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I have a Netgear 7550. How do I configure the ports for the PS3?

DISCLAIMER: Frontier is not responsible for investigating the appropriate ports to forward for any given application or the functionality of applications after port forwarding has been enabled.
  1. Using your web browser, launch the modem's web management interface located at You will then need to login to the modem. the username and password should both be admin. Now, select Firewall Settings from the menu at the top of the page.
  2. Select Port Forwarding from the menu on the left. If a warning screen appears, click Yes.
  3. In the Port Forwarding section, select Add Click Create.
  4. Name the custom service "Playstation 3" or something that will allow you to easily recognize it.
  5. In the Define Rule section, enter the following:
    • Protocol –TCP
    • Global Port Start – 80
    • Global Port End – 80
    • Base Host Port – 80

    Click Apply Click Add.
  6. In the Define Rule section, enter the following:
    • Protocol – TCP
    • Global Port Start – 443
    • Global Port End – 443
    • Base Host Port – 443

    Click Apply.
  7. Repeat until you have added the rest of the necessary ports:
    • TCP – 465
    • TCP – 983
    • TCP – 5223
    • TCP – Global Start: 10070, Global End: 10080, Base Host: 10070
    • UDP – Global Start: 3478, Global End: 3479, Base Host: 3478
    • UDP – 3658
    • UDP – 10070

    Once you have entered all of the port information Click Create.
  8. Make sure that "Playstation3" or whatever you used to name your rule is selected. Enter a unique LAN IP in the box. For example, Now, click Apply.
  9. On your PS3, login to your profile Select Settings Network Settings Custom.
  10. Select the connection method. It is recommended that you use a wired connection if available.
  11. Choose Manual Settings.
  12. From the Speed and Duplex section choose Auto-Detect Select Manual under IP Address Setting.
  13. Set the IP address as the same one you set in the modem ( Then enter the Subnet Mask and then set the DNS servers to and
  14. Set the MTU to Automatic.
  15. Set the Proxy Server to Do Not Use.
  16. Set UPnP to Disable.
  17. Press X to save your Settings.

Restart both the modem and PS3 to ensure that the settings have taken effect. Port forwarding should now be setup.

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