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Why doesn't the homepage remember my location for local weather the next time I log in?

For your computer to be able to retain your local weather setting, you'll need to perform two easy steps.

First, your preferred weather location is stored in a "cookie" on your computer. If your computer doesn't allow cookies, the home page will try to locate your area based on your computer's IP address.

For more information on allowing cookies, click here.

Second, you'll need to edit your Frontier Yahoo! page's weather preference. To do this:

  • Using your mouse, scroll half way down the page to the weather module on the right hand side.
  • Click on the red drop down arrow next to the city name.
  • In the Search Location field, enter the desired city, state or zip code and hit Enter.

When the proper city name appears, click on it and that location will automatically become your default weather setting.

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