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How do I set up Frontier Mail on my Droid device?

Note 1: The following information is provided as a courtesy to our customers. Frontier Technical Support is not responsible for assisting with the configuration of your mobile device. If you require assistance, please contact your mobile device provider.

Note 2: The directions below are general instructions for Droid devices. Other Droid models may vary with regard to their mail setup procedures; please refer to Droid's support site for instructions for your specific Droid model.

The instructions below detail the configuration of Frontier Mail on your mobile device using an Exchange server. Please note that when using an Exchange server, messages that you delete from your mobile device will be deleted directly from the Frontier Mail server and consequently will not be available to download to an email program on your PC or Mac.

To set up Frontier Mail on your Droid device:

  1. From the Home screen Touch the Applications tab located at the bottom of the screen.
    Frontier Mail on Droid
  2. Select Email.
    Frontier Mail on Droid 2
  3. Enter your complete Frontier email address in the top box, and your Frontier password in the bottom box Select Next.
    Frontier Mail on Droid 3
  4. Select Exchange account.

    Note: You can only have one Exchange account set up in your Droid device. If you already have another email account configured on this device, you will need to remove that account before you can proceed with the setup for your Frontier Mail account.
    Frontier Mail on Droid 4
  5. Enter:
    • Your complete Frontier email address in the Domain\Username field.
    • Your password in the Password field.
    • in the Server field.

    Select Next.
    Frontier Mail on Droid 5

  6. Select the desired frequency for checking email and synchronization Select Next.
    Frontier Mail on Droid 6
  7. Select Done.
    Frontier Mail on Droid 7

Frontier Communications Corporation and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any costs incurred by utilizing Frontier Mail services with your mobile device. Please contact your mobile device provider for details on data usage.

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