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How do I connect more than one PC to my SpeedStream 5861, 3Com 812 Router, or D-link 504 modem to use my High Speed Internet service?

NOTE: These instructions are for computers connected to a Frontier modem using NAT.

First, you'll need to connect the computer that is not currently using the High-Speed Internet connection to the SpeedStream 5861 / 3Com 812 Router / D-link 504. You can do this by connecting one end of a RJ-45 (Ethernet) cable to the computer's network interface card (NIC), and connecting the other end of the RJ-45 (Ethernet) cable to an available port at the back of your High-Speed Internet modem.

Second, you'll need to be sure that the particular computer that you're attempting to connect to the High-Speed Internet modem is configured to obtain an IP Address automatically.

Click here for instructions to help you see if your computer is configured to obtain an IP address automatically.

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