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How does Call Waiting ID with Name work?

While you're on the phone, your Caller ID screen will show the name and number (if available) of an incoming call. Special Caller ID equipment is required for this service.

Dial 7 0 from a Touchtone phone or dial 1 1 7 0 from a Rotary/Pulse phone. (Exception: For Rochester, dial 8 0.) You will hear a confirmation tone. Call Waiting ID automatically reactivates when you’re done with that call.

Here are some helpful tips to using this feature:

  • If you first dial 7 0and it doesn’t work, then dial 7 0 #
  • If you ignore the beep, callers will hear a normal ring until they hang up or are transferred to voicemail.
  • If you hang up while the second caller is still on the line, your phone will ring.
  • If a third caller tries to reach you while you have two calls on the line, the third caller will get a busy signal or will be transferred to voicemail.
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