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How does Call Waiting work?

Call Waiting lets you take another call when you’re already talking on the phone!

A special tone lets you know that you have a second incoming call. Put the first caller on hold and answer the second call by pressing and releasing the switch hook. Some phones have a Flash or Link button that do the same thing as pressing the switch hook. If you decide to ignore the incoming call, just ignore the special reminder tone.

If you want to alternate between callers, press and release the switch hook. While you chat with one caller, the other is automatically put on hold. You can switch between callers as many times as you like. To end either call, simply hang up!

To disable Call Waiting before you make a call, press  7 0 and dial normally. Rochester callers should press  8 0. If you would like to disable Call Waiting while you’re on a call, press and release the switch hook, then dial  7 0. Call Waiting returns automatically to your phone once you’ve finished your call.

Note: A distinctive beep signals a cellular or long distance call (short, long, short).

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