High-Speed Internet


Congratulations on your new or upgraded Frontier® Communications services! If you’ve placed your order and are eligible for self-installation, follow these steps to start enjoying those services.

Get Ready

Have you received your equipment?

We are shipping you a box with all the equipment you need for your new or upgraded service.

Has your service been activated?

Your self-installation can only be done on or following your Service Ready Date.

Track your equipment shipment or get your Service Ready Date online.

Equipment and Order Status

Install Your High-Speed Internet Router

  1. Remove the router from the box.
  2. Write down or take a picture of the Wi-Fi Network Name and Password on the bottom of your router.
    • You’ll need this later to connect your devices wirelessly.
  3. Place the router in a central location within your home for best Wi-Fi coverage.
  4. There are two ways to follow instructions for self-installation:
    • Download the Self-Install Guide: For detailed instructions on how to self-install your router, set up your email and wireless devices, plus how to keep your digital information and equipment safe.
    • Watch the Instructional Video: This provides a walk-through of how to self-install your router.

Already surfing and streaming?

If yes, you are done! If not, then Chat Live or call 1.866.553.7829. Frontier is happy to assist you.

Let Us Know How It Went

We really want to know about your self-installation experience.

We would appreciate 5 minutes of your time to answer a few questions about your experience to help us to continue to improve our process. Let us know what worked for you and maybe what did not. Thank you!

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