Network Management Policies

Network Management Policy

Frontier invests significant resources to bring High Speed Internet access to our customers and strives to provide customers an optimum online experience that enables them to access all available content, including: up-to-date news and information, online shopping, communications tools, movies, streaming video, music, gaming and an array of other online services.

As a result of explosive growth of the Internet and the availability of ever more sophisticated applications, per subscriber bandwidth consumption has dramatically increased. This causes periodic congestion in the network that Frontier must address. Generally, Frontier utilizes a best-efforts approach to deliver residential High Speed Internet service. This means Frontier does not prioritize one type of traffic (e.g. video) over other types (e.g. data). Frontier seeks to deliver all traffic at the speed the customer has purchased (e.g. 1/3/6 Mbps download speeds); network management is content and application agnostic.

Frontier uses network management tools to enforce quality of service to business customers for applications that are sensitive to packet loss, delay or jitter like VoIP, time sensitive data, and video traffic.

Key features of Frontier's network management are:

  • Frontier does not block or inhibit any specific applications or classes of applications.
  • Frontier does not restrict the types of devices that can be connected to its network.
  • Frontier has not developed or marketed specialized services that would affect our customers' usage or network performance.

In addition, like other Internet service providers, Frontier manages its network to provide customers a secure High Speed Internet experience. Security measures are specifically designed to enhance our customers' experience and not unduly limit content, application, service or device choices. The types of security measures Frontier has deployed include: removing spam, viruses and other malicious content as well as detecting denial of service attacks and "phishing" scams. Frontier continually upgrades its security and network management tools based on technology advances and network needs.

Usage Terms & Conditions

Customers can consult Frontier's general Terms and Conditions of service as well as Internet pricing plans for more information about their High Speed Internet service.

Trial Information: To better understand the dynamics of network utilization and network congestion, Frontier has instituted a trial in select markets (Kingman, AZ; Elk Grove, CA; Palo Cedro, CA; Mound, MN; Cookeville, TN; and Crossville, TN) to measure actual bandwidth consumption by application type. Frontier does not capture any site-specific information or restrict or inhibit the use of any applications. Frontier simply measures the amount of consumer bandwidth consumption by general type of application utilized (web-browsing, voice calling, video streaming, etc.). In the affected markets, high bandwidth users (e.g. usage over 100Gb or 250Gb of data per month) are advised to either limit usage or convert to a high user service plan.

Service Performance

Frontier has participated in four Federal Communications Commission (FCC) performance studies of the top national Internet service providers. The FCC used advertised download speeds as an indicator of overall network performance—e.g. throughput speeds, latency and jitter—and evaluated whether Frontier delivered its advertised broadband speeds over peak (7-11 p.m.) and 24 hour timeframes. While performance varied based upon the speed tier tested, the FCC reported that Frontier provides:

  • 86% of the advertised sustained download speed over a 24 hour period for Frontier's DSL product.
  • 99% of the advertised sustained download speed over a 24 hour period for Frontier's fiber product.
  • Over 100% of the advertised sustained upload speed over both the 24 hour period and peak periods.

Visit the FCC's website for a full set of the FCC's results and further discussion about Frontier’s performance and how bandwidth throughput, latency, and other service metrics affect your High Speed Internet access experience.

For More Information

For more information or for specific inquiries regarding Frontier's network management policies, email