Frontier Fundamental Internet

Stay connected with budget-friendly Internet for qualifying households.


Includes Internet service price of $14.99 plus $5 monthly router charge. Taxes and fees not included. Services are subject to all applicable Frontier terms and conditions.

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Fundamental Internet

Frontier Fundamental Internet

Frontier is offering budget-friendly Internet service to qualifying households in California. If someone in your home participates in one of these programs:

  • U.S Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (CalFresh)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Medi-Cal
budget-friendly Internet Service

Budget-friendly Internet

Get new Frontier Fundamental Internet service for just $19.99 a month (includes internet service price of $14.99 plus $5 monthly router charge) and get:

  • Free Installation
  • 24/7 technical support
Access Low-Cost Online Education
  • Complete homework assignments, so your children arrive at school confident and prepared
  • View grades and communicate with teachers
  • Access low-cost online education
Find an apply for jobs online
  • Work from home
  • Find and apply for jobs online
  • Support a home-based business; communicate with customers and colleagues
  • Enroll in job training or certification programs
Stay in touch with family and friends
  • Stay in touch with family and friends
  • Access social services without standing in line
  • Save money by doing comparison shopping or finding deals
  • Manage your healthcare by researching symptoms, ordering prescriptions and making appointments online


If you or a member of your household participates in the CalFresh, SSI, or Medi-Cal programs and you selected one of the qualifying Internet products.
CalFresh, SSI, or Medi-Cal documentation, which must include participant's name, effective date and household address. The household address must match the address where service is requested.
Your monthly rate for the eligible Fundamental Internet speed will be $14.99 (router equipment fee of $5/month, taxes and fees not included), if your application is approved. This service price is guaranteed for the initial term of 2 years; re-certification is required after the 2-year period. Additional products such as Inside Wire Maintenance, HBO Now and any other online video service, Frontier Secure products, Dish TV, etc. will be additional charges.
The installation fee is waived upon application approval, which must occur prior to your scheduled install date.
Frontier Fundamental Internet offers competitive speeds to meet your needs. Talk/chat to a representative to find out the maximum speed available to your home.
You may submit an application in your name for Frontier Fundamental Internet and attach the program participation documentation for the person in your household who is receiving the benefit. The documentation must include the program participant name and address (which must match the address where Frontier service is requested); and the documentation must show the effective date so it is clear that the participant is currently receiving CalFresh, SSI, or Medi-Cal.
As part of standard Frontier policy, all orders for new service are subject to a credit check. Results of the credit check will not impact your ability to obtain Internet service. A deposit may be required.
You will be reminded with a bill message on your monthly statement and will need to provide proof of eligibility every 2 years, or upon request.
That will depend on type of Internet services ordered. When you place your order, the Frontier customer service representative will advise if a technician is needed for installation.
Click the ‘Apply Now’ button below and complete the application form.

Must subscribe to services with maximum speed range of 3 Mbps to 12 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload, or Fiber Internet speed of 50 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload, depending upon availability at your location.

FRONTIER FUNDAMENTAL INTERNET OFFER: Limited-time offer for qualifying households in California with at least one resident who participates in one of the following programs. Offer is for broadband service only. U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (CalFresh), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medi-Cal. Frontier Fundamental Internet available only to new Internet customers. Equipment fee, taxes, other fees and applicable surcharges extra. Taxes and fees subject to change. Customer must establish eligibility every two years or upon request. If customer fails to do so, then service and equipment will be charged at then-current standard rates. Service speed is not guaranteed and will depend on many factors. Service subject to availability. Installation fees waived on new Frontier Fundamental Internet service. Standard charges apply for jack installation, wiring and other additional services. Activation fees and delivery charge are waived. A $9.99 broadband processing fee upon disconnection of service applies. New Frontier customers may be subject to a deposit requirement. The Frontier Fundamental Internet discount is specific to Frontier, and not available through other providers.

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