Important Information About Your Frontier Residential FiberOptic Internet

At Frontier, we work hard to provide you the best internet experience we can. We are committed to clarity and providing you important information about your selected internet service tier and the various factors impacting the performance of our services.

 Speed  Description
 30/5 Mbps  Max capable download speeds range from 27-30 Mbps and upload speeds range from 4.5-5 Mbps.
 50 Mbps  Max capable download and upload speeds range from 45-50 Mbps.
 100 Mbps  Max capable download and upload speeds range from 90-100 Mbps.
 200 Mbps  Max capable download and upload speeds range from 180-200 Mbps.
 500 Mbps  Max capable download and upload speeds range from 450-500 Mbps.
 Gig Service  Max capable download speeds range from 846-940 Mbps and upload speeds range from 742-880 Mbps.

The above information is a guide to what you can expect in terms of service speed. However, this is not a statement, representation or guarantee of the service speed you will receive. In all instances, regardless of the service tier selected: (1) the maximum speed in a tier is not a speed guarantee and merely refers to the service tier; (2) your average speed may be slower; and (3) your actual speed is subject to multiple factors. These factors include the number of other users on our network that connects you to the Internet, congestion, and other traffic on the Internet, in addition to other factors.

The actual internet speed you experience in the home environment and your ability to access various Internet services, e.g., streaming or gaming, may vary as a result of factors like: (a) the effect of connecting via Wi-Fi; (b) multiple users on the same account; (c) network congestion; (d) the capacity, performance, or limitations of your computer, equipment, IP-enabled device(s) or modem; and/or (e) the wiring inside your premises.

Frontier makes no representation, promise or warranty, express or implied, that you will receive or be able to download or upload data at any particular speed. If you are dissatisfied with the speed of your service, please contact Frontier customer service and you may either discontinue the Internet portion of your service; or, if available, migrate to a different service package with a different service speed.

Please also see our terms and conditions for other important information regarding your residential internet services located at If you are a Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Ohio or Pennsylvania Frontier Residential Internet customer, please see for important information about your residential internet services.

Thank you for being a Frontier customer!