Frontier CPNI Opt Out

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Frontier CPNI Opt Out

Frontier would like to offer you products and services that best meet your needs by using information about services you have already purchased from Frontier. To do this, Frontier has the right to share your customer proprietary network information (CPNI) among our affiliates. CPNI is information available to us solely by virtue of our relationship about your current telecommunications and interconnected VoIP services, how you use them and the related billing of those services. Protecting the confidentiality of your CPNI is your right and our duty under federal law.

You may choose not to allow us to use your CPNI to offer you additional products or services, such as long distance, High-Speed Internet or bundled packages. If Frontier's use of your customer information for this purpose is acceptable to you, you do not need to take any action. Your consent to Frontier's use of your CPNI will be inferred after thirty (30) days. If you wish to restrict Frontier's use of your CPNI, you may call 1.877.213.1556 or submit the form below for each telephone number to opt-out of Frontier's use of your customer proprietary information to market additional Frontier services to you.

Even if you consent to Frontier's use of your CPNI, as described above, you can change your mind at any time and contact customer service to make that change. Any restriction of Frontier's use of your CPNI will stay in effect until you notify us otherwise. If you choose to restrict access to your CPNI, your service will not be affected - you will continue to receive the same high quality services from Frontier. You should know that restricting Frontier's use of your CPNI will not eliminate all of our marketing contacts with you. You may still receive marketing contacts that are not based on your restricted CPNI. Frontier takes the privacy of customer information seriously and appreciates the opportunity to provide high quality communications services to you. Questions? Please contact customer service.

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