California Teleconnect Fund

See if your school, library or health care organization qualifies for discounted phone and internet service

California's schools and libraries benefit from the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF).

Filing instructions for the California Teleconnect Fund Discounts can be found at

Complete the Application available from the California Public Utility Commission and send to:
CPUC, Telecommunications Division
Attention: California Teleconnect Fund
505 Van Ness Avenue, #3-E1
San Francisco, CA 94102

  • Include your name, title, date, and signature. The CPUC must receive your original signature in order to process the application. The CPUC will not accept photocopied or stamped signatures. Please remember to keep a copy for your own files.
  • Include your telephone, fax, and e-mail information as indicated, to assist the CPUC in reaching you if they have any questions while processing your application. If possible, please include an e-mail address.

Once you receive your approved CPUC Application, submit a copy of that approved CPUC application within thirty (30) days to Frontier Communications so we can begin applying your discounts. Please submit the request via email to, including a copy of your approved application, along with the associated Billing Telephone Numbers that is eligible for the CTF discount.

If you are currently a qualified organization receiving CTF discounts, and wish to add these discounts to new Frontier lines or services, it is your responsibility to inform a Frontier Customer Service representative that you are a qualifying applicant and would like the CTF Discount(s) applied to the new service(s).

The following Frontier services are eligible for CTF discounts:

  • Fiber Internet
  • Ethernet
  • EVPL
  • ELAN
  • EIA (Ethernet Internet Access)
  • SD WAN
  • DDS, DD1 & DS3 (for data transmission only)
  • ATM Frame Relay