Internet Infrastructure Surcharge

No, all providers face the need to reassess their fees regularly. As recent examples, in January, Comcast raised fees and in December Spectrum raised fees as well. Frontier works very hard to maintain competitive pricing amongst our competitors and we have not implemented price increases in the past two years.

This is a Frontier-assessed surcharge, not a government surcharge. This Frontier surcharge supports maintenance and other costs associated with our network infrastructure and your continued access to high speed Internet service. As a result of increased internet traffic and usage, including bandwidth utilization, demand for services, and other requirements that impact our Internet network infrastructure we impose this charge on our internet customers.

The current plan is to continue to charge this surcharge as long as necessary to ensure 24x7 support of Internet access. This fee will be reviewed on a regular basis.

We have worked hard to keep our rates for broadband services unchanged. However, internet use has grown significantly and so have our related costs.

We are working to incorporate this surcharge into the price of your primary internet service. Until this work is completed, the Internet Infrastructure Surcharge will appear as a separate line item on your bill. This surcharge is currently under the Taxes and Other Charges section but will be relocated under the Monthly Service Charges section. Changes are highlighted in red in the illustrated sample below.

Billing Change
Notification Page

Prior to the increase, we notified you with a message on your bill, and followed up with an email. If you did not receive an email, please log into your account and update your email address for future communications or contact us.

Notification Page

No. For customers currently with a promotional rate for a specified term, the Internet Infrastructure surcharge increase does not apply until the promotional rate expires.

If you have any other questions, please call us