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Frontier Secure Out of Area

Continue to help safeguard your equipment from damage or malfunction.

Once your communications services move to Ziply Fiber, some of your Frontier Secure subscriptions will no longer be available through Frontier Communications or your new provider.

No worries. Below is the vendor who can provide equipment protection services comparable to what you subscribe to today. This vendor can handle customer issues quickly and efficiently, so you can rest easy.

Your current subscription is valid through July 31, 2020. Any claims that are in process on July 31, 2020 will be honored and fulfilled. To subscribe to replacement services, contact the recommended vendor today.

Frontier Secure Product You’re Currently Subscribing to:

  • Frontier Personal Device Protection
  • Frontier Personal Multi-Device Protection
  • Frontier Premier Protection Bundle
  • Frontier Whole Home Protection
  • Frontier PC Protection Plan
  • Frontier TV Protection Plan
  • Frontier Office Multi-Device Protection
  • Frontier Office Multi-Device Plus Protection

Recommended Partner:



For service-related questions, please
call 1.866.699.4759 (Residential) or 1.866.947.5988 (Business).

To make a claim or for questions related to your plan or claim, please
call 1.866.422.3179 (Residential) or 1.877.695.6361 (Business).